| Teens Topple 320 Million Years Of Natural History
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Teens Topple 320 Million Years Of Natural History

Teens Topple 320 Million Years Of Natural History

In days of the past teens might be known to gather together for a game of football or to skip rocks across the pond, but times are different now. Newer generations are becoming known for acting without thinking, engaging in ridiculous acts such as the Tide Pod Challenge. The compulsion of our youth to act without thinking is astounding.

Recently a group of teens took it too far – they endangered a popular tourist population with a simple act of empty headedness. The inhabitants of North Yorkshire, England, are raging at the teenagers who have yet to be identified.

This place is home to the Brimham Rocks, a masterpiece of naturally sculpted rock formations that has withstood the test of time for the past 320 million years.

The rocks were carved by wind, rain, and ice in a beautiful process that took thousands of lifetimes. Their latest shape, however, is due to a much more recent event.

The last glacial period, the Devensian glaciation, has shaped the rocks into their current forms. This site is a testament to the power of nature as it shows what can happen when the elements take control.

The Brimham Rocks eventually became a National Trust landmark, and they were deemed an Area of Outstanding Beauty. Their strange shapes are quite impressive, and tourists flock from all over the world to see them. Or at least, they did.

This notorious group of teens has ruined the fun for everyone. They acted out what they must have thought was a prank, and in doing so they changed the place forever.