| Deformed Dog Was Neglected, Until Woman Falls In Love.
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Deformed Dog Was Neglected, Until Woman Falls In Love.

Deformed Dog Was Neglected, Until Woman Falls In Love.

Texas resident Jamie Hulit’s always had a huge heart for dogs, so she helps out wherever and however she can, volunteering with rescues in and around Austin, even fostering some at her ranch until they’ve found permanent homes.

But as soon as Jamie saw Lucky, she knew he wasn’t a candidate for foster care. He was going home with her.

The yellow Lab was born at a puppy mill in 2012, and a facial deformation left his forehead looking permanently furrowed. Eager to rid himself of an “eyesore,” the breeder gave him away free of charge. But that was just the first stop in a seemingly never-ending series of homes over the next several years, as he got passed from one person or family to the other.

Eventually, Lucky found his way to a home in Austin, but the family already had cats. And they made it clear the newcomer wasn’t welcome. But he wasn’t passed off to someone else this time; instead, he was relegated to a backyard existence, tied to a tree with little in the way of either shelter or companionship.

When the family decided to move – and not take him with them – they contacted a shelter to find him a new home. And guess what? That family soon washed their hands of him, too. Off he went back to the shelter. But Lady Luck finally shone down on him one day last year, when a shelter volunteer took him to get groomed, snapped some photos, and posted them on social media.

That’s when Jamie spotted him for the first time.

She knew right away he was supposed to be hers.

When she met Lucky face-to-face, the 5-year-old Lab was practically skin and bones, weighing just 42 lbs. He had numerous health problems that had to be dealt with, including getting microchipped and neutered, taking care of the infestation of fleas and heartworms, and all the other issues that arose from years of neglect.

Fortunately, Jamie was dedicated to bringing him back to 100% no matter what the cost. But first things first: To mark the start of his new and improved life, she re-named him Beaux Tox. “He looks like he needs Botox,” she explained, “and that’s okay. We appreciate beauty in all forms.”

After an entire week spent in an oxygen tent and roughly $8,000 later, he slowly started to make his way back from the brink of death.

It was a touch-and-go and we almost lost him once. I said to my vet, ‘I don’t care – for this particular dog just do whatever you need to and I will pay whatever it is. Don’t hold back.’ And he made it. He’s healthy. He’s in the free and clear.

Beaux Tox has settled in nicely at his new home, where he’s lived now for more than a year. He knows more security now than he’s ever felt, with a doting mom and older brother, Riley, who keeps him in line. And the two brothers keep a close, protective eye on the newest addition to the family, a little sister (who was also rescued) named Scout.

When he’s out in public, people often ask about his face and “they would laugh at him,” Jamie said.

I was like ‘Don’t worry, go ahead and laugh.’ I started making ties for him. Just so that it would offset his face and just maybe the tie would draw it in where he’s cuter, where he’s not as scary.

Every dog deserves a loving home, regardless of pedigree, lineage or looks. Fortunately, there are people out there like Jamie, who saw past Beaux Tox’s deformity to the beautiful soul inside.