| Baby Was On The Brink Of Falling Down Stairs – Video Captures Cat Sprinting Over To Save Her
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Baby Was On The Brink Of Falling Down Stairs – Video Captures Cat Sprinting Over To Save Her

Baby Was On The Brink Of Falling Down Stairs – Video Captures Cat Sprinting Over To Save Her

Pets can bring so much joy and happiness into our lives, and sometimes, they can even save our lives too! We’ve seen many examples over the years of dogs defending their owners from attackers or alerting families when their homes are on fire, but it’s rarer to hear stories about feline friends saving people.

Many people tend to think of cats as aloof, independent, and lacking the same kind of loyalty and friendship as dogs, but this story shows that cats can be just as protective and caring of their owners as their canine counterparts!

A recent video shared on Facebook showed a young toddler playing around with her kitty cat.

The clip, filmed on a security camera, shows the child playing just outside her crib on the ground. She’s totally unsupervised, except for the family cat, who keeps a close eye on her as she crawls around.

The cat seems very attentive towards the young girl, almost like it could predict that something bad was about to happen.

Moments later, disaster nearly strikes as the child crawls towards an open door near the bottom of the screen.

We can’t quite see it on camera, but the door leads to an open staircase, and the baby could easily have tumbled down the stairs if she went any further, suffering terrible and potentially life-threatening injuries in the process.

Fortunately, her guardian feline angel was watching over her. Just as the toddler is inches away from the open door, the cat leaps into action, diving down from the sofa and charging across to the infant, rushing in front of her and climbing all over her to stop her moving further forwards.

Of course, we can’t be sure whether the cat fully intended to save the child’s life or perhaps just randomly wanted to play, but the timing of the event and the urgency with which the cat pounces makes her seem like a true hero!

Whether the cat’s actions were intentional or not, it surely saved the child from an awful fall. Online, many users have seen the video. Many of them are shocked by the fact that such a young child was left alone in such a dangerous environment, criticizing the parents or guardians of the toddler, while countless others have praised the brave cat for her actions.

Once user perfectly summed up the overall feeling of most people watching the video with this comment “Cat hero!!! But careless parents!”

Some suggested that the cat wasn’t really trying to save the child, but just happened to be in the right place at the right time: “I rather think the cat just wanted to play and it turns out the playing pushed the baby away from the stairs.”

Meanwhile, others were sure that the cat knew what it was doing, with one user joking that the cat “just granted that baby one of its 9 lives”.