| Adorable Three-Month-Old Baby Learns To Sing
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Adorable Three-Month-Old Baby Learns To Sing

Adorable Three-Month-Old Baby Learns To Sing

She lit up, and her eyes sparkled at the sound of her mommy’s singing voice. She couldn’t help but share in the moment. Only three months old, she found her voice, and joined in mommy’s song in her own precious way. Though words were not heard, the song remained when this cute little girl kept up the song, and the two of them shared in the adorable duet.

Her gentle coos turned into a more developed melody as she tried her best to carry the familiar tune she loved hearing mommy so much. Expressions filled her beautiful face as she got carried away in song, and even mommy singing with her didn’t stop her. Mommy listened closely and encouraged her to keep singing.

It was their simple, yet genius way of communicating to each other – mommy began, and baby girl joined in, and they gazed deeply in each others’ eyes. Were the sweet baby girl any older, she would have the words down by heart, but for now, all she knew was that she felt love in her heart, and it overflowed into song. Oftentimes babies learn their first words, but this little girl preferred to sing instead!