12. Check out the inside of this tree that someone chopped down. It actually had another thinner tree running down the middle of the trunk! It’s almost like the smaller tree was wearing a jacket made of bark.

13. Have you ever looked at a nine-volt battery and thought, “Gee, I wonder how these are made?” Well, if you buy one and open the packaging, you might quickly realize they’re just six triple-A batteries put together. Who knew?

14. Many of us have gone bowling, but we’ve never seen what the inside of a bowling ball actually looks like. Well, here it is, and it’s definitely unusual-looking. Now, the next time you bowl, you’ll never look at the balls the same way again.

15. This black screwdriver actually had another miniature screwdriver resting right inside the handle. This person must have been doing some serious screwing to break this tool in half, but once he did, he was treated to a surprise.

16. This person bought their pooch a stuffed Cookie Monster plush doll to play with. The dog ripped the toy apart, naturally, but in the process, the owner found a small heart that was actually inside the doll.

17. You might think the desks and tables you’re putting your things on are made out of sturdy wood so they won’t collapse. This person, however, came to the startling realization that their table was made actually made out of simple cardboard!

18. Someone broke the pool triangle a little too hard and cracked this cue ball. Upon further inspection, however, it looks as though a striped red pool ball had been masquerading around as the cue ball the entire time!

19. A lot of people use clotheslines to hang their wet clothing out to dry, and one would assume that the rope used for the line is made of, well… rope! This person tore open their rope, however, and found none other than Mickey Mouse.

20. You’ve probably walked though department stores around the holidays and seen those decorative chocolate truffle trees standing festively on countertops. If you’ve ever been tempted to snap a couple pieces off them, don’t. The truffles are actually just Styrofoam balls in fancy wrapping.

21. This leather-bound case appears to fit a camera, but underneath the leather exterior is the most interesting part. Whoever made this actually reinforced the material with old toothpaste boxes. It might sound strange, but apparently it works!

These pictures kind of make you want to go home and start breaking open some your own stuff to see what mysteries lie inside!

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